Who We Are

SHERMAN SOLUTIONS, LLC is the consulting practice of
ANDREW SHERMAN, PhD, CISSP.  After starting his career in the academic world, Andy Sherman joined AT&T’s famed Bell Laboratories in 1985 to work in one of the new ventures formed in the wake of the breakup of the Bell System. It was at Bell Labs that Andy discovered the power of distributed systems and networks – and their flaws. It was also in those early days of the Internet that he first explored the importance of network security, working with and learning from colleagues who were building the first firewalls. In 1992, Andy moved to the financial services industry, following the challenge of large distributed computing networks. While he worked in a number of engineering and infrastructure delivery roles, he is best known for his 10+ years in security. Andy’s security expertise spans a wide range of topics: engineering, architecture, and operations for network, platform, application, and data security. Sherman Solutions will put that vast experience to work on your security problems.

What We Do

We provide these consulting services
  • Security architecture and design reviews for infrastructure projects or applications
  • Product evaluations, including lab review
  • Technical reviews to enhance technology buyers’ pre-purchase due diligence
  • Technical reviews to enhance venture investors’ pre-investment due diligence
  • Implementation design and planning
  • Vulnerability testing and assessment
  • Policy development
  • Systems Engineering: Requirements, Architecture, UI Design

Our No Bull Approach to Consulting

  • Our relationship with you is more important than any single job.
  • We are very aware of what we can and cannot do well. We will only take on an engagement if we are convinced that we can delight you as our customer. If we cannot do a job well, we will refer you to a trusted partner who can.
  • We don’t charge you per pound of documentation produced, so we won’t burden you with lengthy reports that force you to dig for the important information. We will report our findings clearly and concisely.
  • We will give you our honest and best assessment.


We charge by the professional day.  Daily rates vary with the length of the engagement.


825 West End Ave, Ste 13E
New York, NY 10025
(646) 652-1776 (Office)
(646) 385-8895 (Fax)

Be sure to visit Andy's SecMusings weblog.